A professional description of my commercial art.

This page is under-construction, though I hope that doesn't discourage you.

Goblin shark, 2021.
Pet shop beanie decal, 2021.
Pet shop, 2020.
Pet shop beanie promotional graphic, 2021.
Fall collection promotional graphic, 2020.
Goblin shark promotional photo, 2021.
Pet shop promotional photo, 2021.
Pet shop promotional photo, 2021.
going222jail Ragweed EP merch commission, 2022.
Gollylagging merch commission, 2022.
Oso Oso merch commission, 2022.
Snot Rags is a personal project I started in June of 2020, in an effort to keep my creative practice alive during the pandemic. Snot Rags is a merchandising brand that features my illustrations, inspired by streetwear, vintage animation, underground comix, and skate culture. My friends inspire much of the work, which is hand-drawn in a sketchbook before being digitally enhanced in Adobe Photoshop. From apparel to printed media, Snot Rags offers a range of products featuring offbeat and saturated designs. The tagline "Clothes you can wipe your nose on while no one's looking" captures the spirit of Snot Rags. Ah-CHOO!
Here are a few examples of my commissioned work. I create striking designs for apparel and print, with a specialization in hand-drawn artwork. The work featured here are graphics commissioned by musicians, though my services are open to anybody looking to create eye-catching merch. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to enhance my designs, which often feature an abstracted, shape-focused language with bright, cartoon-y characters.
My posters are created for local events and live performances, inspired by the DIY culture that I've always been drawn to. I love designing gig posters and collaborating with musicians to create something that reflects the spirit of the show. My poster designs are all hand-drawn in a sketchbook, then digitally enhanced using Adobe Photoshop to create a finished product that tows the line between contemporary and nostalgic.